Gord with one of his many guitars

Gord with one of his many guitars                Gordon Creasor

 The 'Doctor' in DR KRANE, Gord is an optometrist in Huntsville, Ontario. A classically trained musician, Gord is an accomplished guitar, mandolin, bass and keyboard player. Gord has fronted many bands in and around the Huntsville area including a duo with fellow DR KRANE member Richard Watling. It was Gord’s involvement in the band The Quidos that led to the formation of DR KRANE. When the band was asked to perform at a function of Richard’s company. Richard joined the band on stage to sing a few songs and the rest of the band quit, forcing Gord to search for new members, thus DR KRANE was born. 


Richard's dynamic performing style

                           Richard Watling

The 'krane' in DR KRANE, Richard is the owner of a highly successful crane company near Orillia, Ontario. Richard is one of those rare individuals born with a natural talent for singing. One of the most often heard comments after a DR KRANE show is that it is hard to believe that Richard hasn’t been performing his entire life.  Over the last several years Richard has begun acting in live theatre. His portrayal of Jesus in the Muskoka Players production of Jesus Christ Superstar garnered him many great reviews and standing ovations. With Dr Krane, Richard's highly entertaining style ensures audience involvement and that everyone has a great time!



Steve 'lightning fingers' Small

       Stephen Small

 The 'guy with all the hair', Steve is the computer expert that you always hear about. He is currently employed as a support manager in the school system. Steve has toured extensively across Canada with several different ‘Top-40’ bands. Having "perhaps the fastest hands I have ever heard" (J Stinly, Talent Magazine), Steve wows crowds every night with lightning fast solos and unforgettable guitar performances.









Sean long before his BIG BIRTHDAY

                               Sean Sanders

 The 'guy who looks down at the rest of the band', Sean is a carpenter by day, performing custom renovations across Ontario. By night Sean is the member of the band that you are least likely to notice. His classic bass playing style is to remain at the back of the stage and ‘disappear’ into his instrument. His talents have been employed by several touring bands in Eastern Canada, most recently in Bump Uglies.





Drummer Dave

                                              David Campbell

 The 'guy with no hair', David is the owner of an IT company in Orillia, Ontario. With over 30 years of drumming under his belt, David is the type of musician who’s energy is contagious. A former member of the Rock Dogs, David toured Canada opening for such acts as Steppenwolf, Kim Mitchell, Colin James and April Wine. The Rock Dogs enjoyed success with their two CD releases, with one reaching the top 10 in Italy. The video for In Too Deep was in rotation on MuchMusic. A dynamic individual who always entertains, David is the backbone of DR KRANE.